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About us
CaptnFog - Founder, Streamer, Caster
CaptnFog started playing Tooth and Tail in March of 2016 and immediately got hooked. Clash of Comrades is his first exploration into live streaming, and he enjoys every second of graphic design, event coordination, and performance that goes with it. Captn grew up on Need for Speed (Hot pursuit 3, then Underground and Underground 2), and is perpetually 5-10 years behind the tech curve ($20 gamecube anyone?). Fog also has a small youtube channel where he experiments with things like Blind MS Paint Play by Plays, and flying, flamethrowing, barbed wire.
Hunter0 - Caster, Streamer
Hunter0 is the snarkiest member of the Clash of Comrades team, who, above all other things, prides himself on providing a touch of British class to the ensemble. After just a short time playing Tooth and Tail in May of 2016, he quickly saw the potential for the game as an esport and sought to watch and cast the most exciting matches possible. He loves to watch the community grow and new players rise to the top ranks of competitive play, as well as see what creative and ingenius strategies they can employ. If you pull off a ridiculous strategy in your game, you can be sure that he will highlight it (particularly if it includes a Boar).
Shooflypi - Caster, Analyst, Streamer
Shooflypi is an electrical engineering graduate student who stumbled upon Tooth and Tail in May 2016. Immediately drawn to the simple controls and short game times, he knew this was the game he had been waiting for. As much as he enjoys playing the game, he enjoys interacting with the community and participating in PWG’s open development process even more. He brings a passion for analytics and thorough strategy breakdowns to the Clash of Comrades team.
Lacante - Caster, Streamer
Lacante found out about Tooth & Tail through the initial new art reveal. This was a time when Deadbones had “only” played for 670 hours, go figure. Lacante sought out the chat (IRC, mind you!) and eventually was accepted into the alpha. After getting to play the game, he knew he wouldn’t leave for a while. Turns out he’s still here. Tooth & Tail for Lacante is about the strategic decisions and adapting to the different conditions of each match. Figuring out how to play a map with the units you ended up picking, playing around your opponent's strategy.
BestTeaMaker - Caster, Streamer, Graphics
BestTeaMaker is a man of simple things, enjoying video games, esports, and tea. Upon stumbling on Tooth and Tail in the summer of 2016, he began to enthusiastically start casts for it. He also works on a bunch of graphic design for Clash of Comrades in general.
AV_Ultima - Caster, Streamer, Analyst
AV has been playing Tooth and Tail since May 2016. He came for a key, but stayed because of the love for the community. He soon rose through the ranks and became one of the top players, placing top 8 in May Mayhem and then champion of July Joust. Since then, he has gained interest in analyzing how games are played and giving advice on how to improve. On the other hand, he says the close interactions with the Pocketwatch Games’ developers has been an honor. As a game designer himself, he appreciates the care and attention they are bringing to Tooth and Tail and uses each moment as a learning experience.
mj0331 - Content manager, Website developer
MJ joined the community in July of 2016 and has since gotten involved in streaming Tooth and Tail, modding the game, creating a mod manager for it and organising the 2v2 Faction Frenzy tournaments. Interested in game development, he also enjoys web dev, thus this site came to be. Officialy a member of Clash of Comrades since October 2016 and a member of team #HopperBestGirl since his very first game.
Special thanks
Pocketwatch Games & Co. - The creators of Tooth and Tail
Mastastealth, Freakspot, Mozza - Assistance
The community - Clash of Comrades would not exist without it