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What is Tooth and Tail
Tooth and Tail is an Arcade-Style Real-Time Strategy game set in a world of animal revolution. Wage war with customizable factions, featuring units like mustard-gas skunks and flamethrowing boars. From the creators of the IGF-winning game Monaco, Tooth and Tail distills the Real Time Strategy genre down to a few buttons and eight-minute matches.
Nomads of the North
HP: 5
DPS: 2
Cost: 60
Glyde's Glydes (Bad-dum-tss) and other guides
0) Introduction: A basic guide (Courtesy of Lacante) See here
1) The Commander and You: Understanding What You Can DoSee here
2) Knowing the Battlefield: Understanding and Utilizing the MapSee here
3) The Economics of Battle: Food for the Army, Army for the Food See here
4) The Warren: Bringing your troops to battle See here
4.5) Unit Overview (Courtesy of Shooflypi) See here
5) Subtleties of Battle: Targetting and MicroSee here